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Social Skills Groups for Children


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"The place where friends are made!"

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"There's nothing "wrong" with them so why can't she make friends? What's going on? Your child is socially immature and needs group therapy to help her." Shock is a good word to describe my husband and my reaction. What do we do next? Where do we go? Elaine at FriendZoneKids was our answer! With her help, our daughter has learned how to communicate with peers and even with us. She's learned to take control of strained friendships. Her self-esteem, awareness of others feelings and learning to express herself all developed with her sessions at FriendZoneKids.

Our daughter has thrived under your guidance and our relationship with her has flourished! Thank you Elaine and FriendZoneKids for all of your dedication and help."




"After having been bullied at school, we enrolled my 8 y/o daughter at FriendZoneKids this past spring and have noticed a favorable difference in her approach to negative remarks, as well as on the way she engages socially. She has been able to use the strategies provided at these workshops, to navigate assertively. This is a work in progress, and as we continue to see improvement we will keep her enrolled.

I highly recommend this program to anyone with a child that feels left out and unable to connect socially."




"Our 7 year old son has been participating in FriendZoneKids Social Skills Groups for over a year. Specifically, he struggles with issues of patience, control, empathy, sportsmanship, and anger management. He has learned a number of skills that address these struggles and is clearly beginning to use them in social situations and at home. Elaine has been a wonderful resource. She is in frequent communication with me outside of group and encourages us to bring in specific examples of struggles from the week so she can incorporate them into group role plays where the children can practice alternative ways to deal with their difficult situations. She provides helpful feedback and additional resources. Our son has made new friends at FriendZoneKids, but has also participated in more playdates, birthday parties and most recently, team sports. In addition, as the mother of a child who struggles with the above issues, I have found it incredibly helpful to connect with other parents who face similar challenges and have a space to talk with them and give/receive support each week while our children are in group. These groups have positively impacted our whole family and I recommend FriendZoneKids to any family that is also struggling."
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