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Social Skills Groups for Children


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"The place where friends are made!"

Mission:  Our mission is to assist children who may need extra help

in developing social skills.  We provide a relaxed, engaging social
environment made up of small, age-appropriate groups in which
children are taught basic socialization practices.  The children
implement these skills while participating in games and
activities in a supportive, guided atmosphere.

About the background:  Research has shown that children who
have good social skills grow to be the most successful adults. 
For some children, these social skills are not innate and need to be
developed in a guided, nurturing environment through instruction
and play with peers.  The children we are targeting are those in
mainstream classes who are finding it difficult to make and maintain
friendships for a variety of reasons.  Instruction in social skills, however,
cannot be presented from a book, CD or video in an isolated manner.
Children must have a means to practice the skills they are taught in a
social environment with knowledgeable adults guiding them.  Most
importantly, they must do so while having fun and being introduced to

other children with whom to share this experience.


About our program: We set up social groups with children of similar
ages in each group.  We meet once a week with each session

being one hour in duration.  During each session we focus on a particular

social skill.  We define the skill and discuss it in an age-appropriate manner. 

We may use role playing and various demonstrations to help children

understand the goal.  Then we have the children practice that skill during

an activity, game or similar experience.  We conclude with a review of the
day's learning and discuss how that skill may be implemented at home
and in school during the coming week.  Each week also includes a
quick review of previous sessions.