Social skills are the foundation blocks of building and maintaining friendships and relationships.  Friends are people to share with, talk to and have fun times.  It is a lonely existence if you are always by yourself.

Kids who have friends don’t have time to think about what it would be like to be alone.  Kids who don’t have friends cannot experience what it is like to be part of a relationship. Children who can make friends, practice and strengthen their social skills every day.  Children who have difficulty socializing, lose whatever momentum they have attained because they are not practicing their social skills.

Friendzone was created to give children who need help with social skills a place to come to and meet friends.  A place where everyone is experiencing something similar to what they are experiencing.  A social skills group allows children to learn and most importantly, PRACTICE the skills they so desperately need to acquire.

This page will be dedicated to discussing social situations that children need assistance with.  Different topics will be addressed with ideas for children to use to boost their social skills.  We invite you to respond with your thoughts, ideas and comments.

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